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    Legal Hiring Video

Legal Hiring For An Inclusive Workplace

Implement hiring practices that are free from bias and discrimination in your efforts to find the best candidates to fill the vacant positions in your organization.

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Our Legal Hiring for an Inclusive Workplace video DVD Kit includes:

  • 15-minute video DVD
  • Interviewer Guide
  • Sample Employment Application
  • Sample Job Posting
  • Sample Accommodation Template
  • Applicant Screening Form
  • Interviewing Scoring Sheet Sample
  • Certificate of Completion template
  • Scheduling sheet to track your learners
  • Quiz and Quiz Key
  • Closed Captioned
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Legal Hiring for an Inclusive Workplace is available for Canadian and American audiences.
Additional Methods of Delivery
● USB Flash Drive ● MP4 ● SCORM 1.2
● Online Access with Tracking & Certificate of Completion
(Individual/Group Log-ins for one or more Compliance Programs)

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Legal Hiring for an Inclusive Workplace

HR Proactive Inc. offers our Legal Hiring for an Inclusive Workplace Program for individuals responsible for the recruitment of employees to ensure a fair and equitable hiring process is in place so your organization is in compliance with provincial and federal laws. This training program will show you how to apply the laws regarding accessibility and inclusion into your hiring process. It will also assist you with creating a job posting that uses non-discriminatory and neutral language and does not refer directly or indirectly to any prohibited grounds of discrimination. Our training materials also include how to develop interview questions that focus on the core  duties of the position, avoiding questions that could lead to litigation. This program is available for both Canadian and American audiences and includes:

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Our Supervisor Leadership Series is a 4-video DVD Kit training bundle developed for new Managers and Supervisors.

This leadership training package will provide new managers and supervisors with tools to effectively lead a team and promote a professional work environment.

New managers and supervisors will explore how to support a productive team environment that is focused on setting and achieving goals and priorities.

Each video is approximately 15-minutes.